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Linea.png is a SaaS type web platform designed and developed for precision agriculture, consists on a multidisciplinary team of specialized professionals in productivity, competitivity and agriculture.


Since 2012,, has been updated to the changes and technological developments with the premise of giving the best solutions for the sector and it’s desire to achieve the best agriculture productivity. For that, we’ve incorporated a set of technologies like data analytics, satellite-based information and meteorological information with the objective of providing the agricultural worker the tools that will allow him to execute an appropriate decision making process.


Our proposal, is an upfront solution to one of the most essential problematics that is being foreseen to happen in the next 30 years, this is, the increasingly food demand around the world due to the world population rise in about 40%. This increment, implies a set of upgrades inside the productive processes (optimization of the value chain, increase of the yields, assumption of new technologies that allow to trigger efficiency in others); so the platform design has been considered these concepts for the elaboration of the 8 services.

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